People are the key to any organization. Teams that are well managed and led, and operate in an environment poised for success, can propel both growth and cost reduction. This effect is multiplied when applied to technology professionals given their relative high compensation. We can help identify those factors that will create an environment setup for success.


As much as people set the foundation for success, even the most talented and motivated team will only be able to execute to an artificially low ceiling if the processes they operate within are less than optimal. This applies to both leadership and staff. We can help pinpoint where there are process bottlenecks or areas that are lacking in effective processes.


The third leg of the stool is technology. There are a myriad of solutions in the marketplace today, as well as exponentially more options for developing and deploying solutions than ever before. As exciting as some of these can be, we can help cut through the hype and ensure that tried and true principles are applied to vision the roadmap forward, and are aligned with your architectural direction.

Startup Mentoring

Early stage planning can be equal parts exciting and scary. As much as we enjoy the excitement of being involved in a new venture, we can also bring the objectivity needed for a realistic view, as well as the experience needed to help plan the technology components, which are integral to the success of many startups.

TIC-TOC Analysis

The culmination of our consulting services pulls together the people, process and technology for the TIC-TOC analysis. We will provide feedback, including the supporting data and methodology, to illustrate where the organization is making technology investments that are aligned with organizational objects and where there is a misalignment.


Organizations can find themselves struggling with how to initiate or execute a project. Sometimes the efforts are difficult to define and sometimes the path forward is difficult to see. We can offer guidance and options to get you started.

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