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Who We Are

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What We Do

We assist in making your organization's Information Technology a competitive advantage. Our engagement is centered around a standardized assessment process that we will review with you. The assessment will be tailored to your specific circumstances and concerns. Our analysis involves on site interviews with leadership and staff at all levels, as well as reviews of artifacts from previous planning and execution activities.

Our methodology culminates in what we call our TIC-TOC Analysis. In short, this analysis will indicate how well balanced your technology investments are relative to your corporate strategy, and overall contribution to financial success.

If you need help on a smaller scale, such as a project for making product/service purchasing decisions, we can apply our methodologies to that process as well.

You can find out more about all of these things in our Services section.

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Our Mission

We strive to equip an organization with the tools and information needed to become healthier, more effective, more efficient, and more profitable than before our engagement. Additionally, the concepts used during the engagement can easily be reused into the future so that an organization can essentially "self audit" against the same principles that were used in the original Claritas IT consulting engagement. Additionally, future engagements can be done to monitor progress or focus on a new area of concern.

We consider our engagements to be relationships. As in any relationship, both sides need to be able to realize a benefit. From pre-sales to ongoing engagements, if we determine that we are not the right fit to address a need or concern, share that with you, and help make other arrangements to get that need met. Our success is determined by your success.

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Our Vision

Ultimately, our vision is for our engagement assessment and methodology to become a mainstream approach to organizing and leading an Information Technology area. We will continue to learn from each partner we work with, constantly gather feedback, and make continuous, incremental improvements to our processes. As one of our partners, new approaches, tools, and thought processes will be shared with you as well. Learning and improving is a never ending cycle - for anyone.

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