Underperforming Information Technology

Not sure what levers to pull and buttons to push to turn it into the competitive advantage it should be?

Achieve Purpose Driven IT

We can help you identify people, process and technology issues which may be preventing your ability to execute with the clarity that comes from Purpose Driven IT.

Execute With Clarity Through Purpose Driven IT

Purpose Driven IT is an operational model that leverages the benefits that Information Technology can provide to an organization through the effective use of strategic and tactical planning. It is born from the principle of Succeed on Purpose. By operating through the lens of a forward looking plan, IT can become a competitive advantage instead of an expensive team of fire fighters.

Too many IT groups operate reactively to the rest of the organization. Today's technology solutions are too complicated and too expensive to be figured out in an ad-hoc fashion. Reactive IT creates anchors of technology debt that will eventually sink a company. In this environment, IT starts operating by inertia instead of with a purpose.

Organizational Assessment

We take a comprehensive approach that encompasses people, processes and technology. An assessment is done to determine if these three pillars are working in concert to the benefit of the organization.


We offer guidance through the use of a strategic option evaluation process and tool. This can be technology lifecycle planning, product/solution selection, or evaluations of new solution offerings.

Guidance and Mentoring

Having done the due diligence with organizational and project planning, we can provide fractional leadership to ensure the disciplines that were implemented continue to be used, and evolve with the organizational needs.

We Can Help Find A Path Forward


Information Technology professionals with backgrounds in B2C/B2B/D2C e-commerce, health care, and entertainment. Experience includes application development, infrastructure planning, strategic planning, organizational planning, team leadership and management, product management, risk assessments, startup mentoring and planning, any many other aspects of business and technology strategy and execution. We stay abreast of the industry in technology developments, process trends, and human resource (staffing) issues.

Guiding Principles

Our belief is that technology, when planned and employed properly, can be a "force multiplier" for your business. Unplanned technology execution and spend is a financial anchor. We look to partner with clients that are looking for guidance on how to optimize their IT department, and for which our experience, base of knowledge, and process are a good fit. In our pre-sales conversations, we will try to determine if we are positioned well to serve your needs. If so, we will discuss the our proposed approach and the deliverables you will recieve. We will tailor our approach to address your specific concerns.

Wondering if you could benefit from Purpose Driven IT?